WIZ140SR serial ports blocking

Hi we are using 4xRS485 ports based on WIZ140SR reference design. We are using actively about 50 devices on site. For an unidentified reason, one of the ports in use is locked in a period of a few days to one week. We can ping the unit, but cannot open any ports for serial to ethernet. The device reactivated after changing the port number or power cycling. This is valid for all devices.

We have tried the firmware updates but this did not solve the issue. Can you propose a solution for this problem?



Have you updated the firmware version?

Are you operating WIZ140SR as a server or client?

You’re saying that the port you were using doesn’t work, right?

Yes, we have updated to new firmware.
We are operating in server mode.
One or more ports in use become inactive and cannot recover.

Can’t I change the port settings in the Configuration Tool?