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WizFi360 Arduino IDE JSON package error

Can someone help with importing the WizFi360 package into Arduino IDE?

I am following this page: Program WizFi360 using Arduino IDE | WizFi360

When I try to install WizFi360 in board manager, I get an error downloading … Which indicates that there is no file to download. Any other solution?


Unfortunately, the Arduino library you mentioned does not support it.

If you want to use the Arduino library, please refer to the link below.

But, did it supported earlier? Is this your page? I am not talking about the library, I am talking about the JSON package. Not the same.
Will there be a support for an Arduino IDE? To program this board as a stand-alone device?

The library you mention I haven’t tried, yet.


Where the JSON packages were supported, support has been stopped.

So, the device alone can not be programmed using Arduino IDE.

The support through Arduino IDE would give this platform a huge boost. This way, it is a way unusable.

Can you tell me if there was support, if it worked, why you stopped it?
Is there a plan to start supporting IDE again?


Where the JSON packages were supported, support has been stopped, so we can no longer support.

Sorry, we don’t have any plans to support WizFi360 to be programmable as an Arduino IDE.

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