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Wiz VSP Not Working

I have two WIZ752SR-125 boards. I updated the firmware and configured them as follows:

I want to use Wiz VSP with these boards.

Tried to create 4 serial ports; 2 for each board.
But no matter what I do, COM ports do not appear under Device Manager.

I don’t think this is an IP configuration, firewall issue. WIZ VSP can connect my board successfully.
It just fails to create virtual serial port, may be a driver related issue.

I am using Windows 10 x64 English. I tried this on 3 laptops and 2 desktop PCs with Windows 10.
Al the same.
I also tried to do this with an Administrator Privileged cmd window; nothing happens in Device Manger:

This is my second time with this problem. I had do to the same think a couple of months ago, out of despair I installed Eltime Virtual Serial Port software trial version among Wiz ISP; and ports magically appeared on Device Manager. (without any network related changes in Wiznet S2E configuration tool… I installed Eltima VSP software and it started working)

Why doesn’t WIZ VPS create virtual serial ports?

My Wiz VSP version: 2.0.2
WIZNet S2E Config tool version: 1.4.1
WIZ752SR-125 Firmware Version: 2.1.0dev

Quick suggestion: I’d remove the restriction of new users uploading single image only in their posts… I have multiple screen captures and I am not a regular developer. As a customer I am just looking for a solution to my problem and this limitation is annoying, thus I had to combine all my screenshots as a single image.

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