Wiz VSP Not Working

I have two WIZ752SR-125 boards. I updated the firmware and configured them as follows:

I want to use Wiz VSP with these boards.

Tried to create 4 serial ports; 2 for each board.
But no matter what I do, COM ports do not appear under Device Manager.

I don’t think this is an IP configuration, firewall issue. WIZ VSP can connect my board successfully.
It just fails to create virtual serial port, may be a driver related issue.

I am using Windows 10 x64 English. I tried this on 3 laptops and 2 desktop PCs with Windows 10.
Al the same.
I also tried to do this with an Administrator Privileged cmd window; nothing happens in Device Manger:

This is my second time with this problem. I had do to the same think a couple of months ago, out of despair I installed Eltime Virtual Serial Port software trial version among Wiz ISP; and ports magically appeared on Device Manager. (without any network related changes in Wiznet S2E configuration tool… I installed Eltima VSP software and it started working)

Why doesn’t WIZ VPS create virtual serial ports?

My Wiz VSP version: 2.0.2
WIZNet S2E Config tool version: 1.4.1
WIZ752SR-125 Firmware Version: 2.1.0dev

Quick suggestion: I’d remove the restriction of new users uploading single image only in their posts… I have multiple screen captures and I am not a regular developer. As a customer I am just looking for a solution to my problem and this limitation is annoying, thus I had to combine all my screenshots as a single image.

Hi @Sobakava,
I’m sorry for the late reply.

Is the port created with WIZVSP not showing at all in Device Manager?

A similar problem occurred in the old version and was fixed in the latest version, but it seems to reappear.
We are checking this issue. I’ll let you know when it’s fixed.

First of all, I checked that up to 6 ports were displayed when I tested it on my PC. (Windows 10 64bit)
If you do not see even a port, please test again after reinstalling WIZ VSP.

Be sure to reinstall by following the procedure below.

  1. Uninstall the WIZVSP with WizUninst.exe
  2. PC reboot
  3. Install new WIZVSP

+) Thanks for the suggestion to modify the image upload options.
Now the settings have been changed and up to 5 can be attached.