Simple way to test microcontroller and wiznet SPI communication


I’d like to run a simple SPI communication test using the ioLibrary. So far, I can read registers without any issue but cannot write to them for some reason.

Can someone tell me if there is a step that I am missing after writing to a register? Do I need to pull the chip into reset for a moment?

What I’d like to do is the following

  1. Read a register value
  2. Write a new value to that register
  3. Read the new value back

Can someone give me a good register to test this on? Thanks.

If you have potted Iolibrary, please try the Loopback Test. The loopback example exists inside the iolibrary_Driver/Application.

Thank you.


Thanks for the feedback. This is a bit more than what I am looking for, however. I wrote a simple program to read a register and write to a register. I want to read a second time to make sure the data is updated.

Can you give me a good register to test this on? I know some bits are write-protected in certain registers.

I think you can try SIMR. The socket interrupt mask register.