WinSock 2 will not perform a SOCK_ESTABLISHED

I’m using your WIZ810SMJ module with a Atmel AVR32UC3A1256 CPU, and am having a problem making a SOCK_ESTABLISHED in my TCP code when using WinSock 2 code. To be clear, I have DNS, SNTP and a HTTP server all working properly for a long time now. I also have a TCP server running on the same cpu. When I send a TCP packet to my server in real-time from my Windows 10 PC, I never get a SOCK_ESTABLISHED, and the TCP server code just does a CloseWait and then a Socket Disconnect. BUT… when I debug the code on the Win 10 side, it will make the SOCK_ESTABLISHED ok, and the data I’m sending is received by the TCP server correctly. Go back to running the TCP code on WIN 10 in real-time, and no SOCK_ESTABLISHED happens. I used Wireshark to see if the TCP packet form the Win10 machine is being sent, and it contains the proper data destined for the TCP server on the WIZ810SMJ.
So I need some guidance on what the problem might be as I have exhausted everything I can think of. Thanks for any help offered.