TCP connection reset by WIZ750

Hi, we are running multiple WIZ750SR devices connected each to a sensor and to a network connected to a PC.

The WIZ750 modules are configured to run in TCP Server mode.

Most of the time the system runs stable and communication from PC to and from the sensors behind the WIZ750 modules is ok.

But some time some for some devices we receive a sudden and unexpected TCP connection reset issued by the WIZ750SR module. After this the TCP connection can be restored from the client virtual com port as expected using the option “on error retry …”.

But the very last commands and responses to the sensors are lost due to the TCP connection reset.

In order to debug our system and avoid such TCP connection resets we now want to understand possible reasons why such an reset can occur.

Are there any common reasons why a WIZ750SR issues a TCP Connection reset?

Any help would be very much appreciated.