Need W5500 POE schematic

Hello guys

I’m looking for a best schematic for w5500 with POE , i found some schematic but that works for 100 feet distance

Thanks in advance

Hello @Eng.kourosh

Sorry for the late reply.

Unfortunately, the W5500 PoE schematic is not officially supported.

Please refer to it.


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Hello @austin

Thanks for your reply

But theoretically it should work yes?

I have a question about web server too, can you help me

Hi @Eng.kourosh

It is possible if the PoE circuit is implemented.

I can help you with anything simple.

And there is a web server example used as W5500.

Please refer to the link below.

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Hello @austin

Thank you

I need simple for web server which is we could send http command to it and control relay

Is there any simple for that?

Hi @Eng.kourosh

If you are looking for a simpler example than the wiz550web example, which is the link shared above,

I don’t know if this will help, but please refer to the link below.

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Hello @austin

I tested it before but it just work from web UI it doesn’t work when we wanna send http command and turn on relay like this url:

I know it need to develop but i need some docs to guiding me how can i do that with io library

Hi @Eng.kourosh

For additional functions except examples, you have to implement them yourself.

Sorry for not being of any help.

Hello @austin

Your library is work for http get method right?
For my purpose (http command) need to post method right?

Hi @Eng.kourosh

Are you talking about the ‘ioLibrary_Driver’?

‘ioLibrary_Driver’ Support several HTTP methods.

Please refer to the ‘parse_http_request()’ function in ‘ioLibrary_Driver/Internet/httpServer/httpParser.c’.

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Hello @austin

Yes i used this library that your colleague sent it to me:

Is this library help me for http command ?

If yes please help me to how can i use functions for this purpose

Hi @Eng.kourosh

It is an example of implementing a simple HTTP server,

I think it will be useful as a reference for implementing the HTTP server.

Hi @austin

So can i use this library for my purpose?

Hi @Eng.kourosh

The library can be used for your purpose.

However, the necessary parts must be further implemented.

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Hello @austin

Thank you so much

Is there any ducment for helping me for that?
how can i read web index (like :
For example the text after ip address should be analyze to get data from user when they enter the http command
Which function should i use?

I wish there is a sample code