WizFi630S-EVB not working

I ordered the WIZFI630S-EVB from Mouser, powered up the unit (5V DC In),
All lights are on, but I dont see any WIFI network on my smart phone.

Also I have connected USB mini cable to P7, opened up PUTTY (115200, 8bit, no, no), and I dont see any
data coming up for enter key, instead it is just echoing whatever the key I send on the putty terminal.

Please note that I did not connect any WAN or LAN cables and UARTD jumpers set to USB. Please let me know if I am missing any thing in my set up. I just want to use this as WIFI router (with DHCP server).

I look forward to your reply.


Also I tried to connect my Laptop to the LAN1 connection and checked if the WizFIi630S-EVB has assigned any IP address, and It provided as shown in the attached screen shot (Ipconfig/all response). Also I tried to open the webpage http://wizfi630s/ and it not opening it.

Please let me know what I am missing here.