Is my W5500 damaged by the wrong ExRes1 resistor?

I have used the MKR ETH arduino shield and know that should be able to control my device. Then I designed a customized pcb combine arduino and w5500 to be more compact.

I got the board today and found it does not work.

After some test with power connected, I realized I have made a mistake by soldered wrong resistor on the ExRes1 pin. It suppose to be 12.4k but I have put a 4.7k on it.

I want to know if the W5500 chip itself is demaged?

The arduino can generate SPI signal, I can see the SCK, CS and MOSI. But I do not get any MISO response.

Measure around the chip, I can see the AVDD and VDD are still good at 3.3V. VBG and 1V2O are at 1.25V. RSTn and Intn are both high.
But the LINKLED and DUPLED, ACTLED are all high.

And I also do not have 25MHz clock from the pin 30 and pin 31, both pins measure low. The Xtal I am using is the ABM8-25.000MHZ-B2-T.

So is the W5500 demaged by my wrong ExRes1 resistor?

I am also a little confused on the Xtal polarity, these kind of 4 pin xtal has two pins connected to ground, the other two pins are connected to a Xtal. Does is matter which pin connected to which?

I am referencing the schematic

which has Xtal pin 1 connected to W5500 pin 31, and no resistor between pin 1 and 3; while on the w5500 datasheet figure 3, using a 2 pin Xtal, has pin 1 connected to W5500 pin 30.

In my schematic, I am using the 4 pin Xtal, but has pin 1 connected to pin 30. Is that an error causing no 25MHz clock?

The other reference is the official reference schematic from wiznet:

I have took the output side to the RJ45 jack part of it because the connector on the other one is not available.

There are small difference between the two references: the 33R resistor for the EMI, the resistors for the jack LED are on the - side instead of + side etc.

So my schematic is attached here, please help me with any idea to further debug it.


On the layout side, the instruction said “void power and ground planes under discrete magnetic components”, but I am using the integrated transformer (J1B121ZCCD) , so I did not follow that rule. But I don’t think that be the reason causing the whole chip not functioning.

At least this crystal does not seems good according the calculation

I am not sure if the W5500 still have the same gain margin with the W5100 or not.

But I am ordering few other cyrstals with smaller CL and will try it next week.

Even if the loop does not oscillating, which means I don’t get 25MHz, should I measure some voltage, maybe DC on the pin 30/31?