W5100S-EVB-Pico MicroPython, Network Functionality Missing?

I’m trying out the W5100S-EVB-Pico module using MicroPython. I was able to build MP per the setup instructions from the main RP2040-HAT-MicroPython. repository.

After that, it was easy to setup the HTTP and PING test demos. But I also encountered the first problem. The library doesn’t appear to support DHCP. Previous WIZnet MicroPython network libraries (W5500 in STM32F board) supported them using nic.ifconfig('dhcp'). That is not available in this version of the WIZnet library.

Next I wanted to try to mirror the REPL over telnet. Module dupterm is available with the 5db278f commit on which this repo is based. I rebuilt MP with dupterm enabled, and when I started to integrate this MicroPython telnet server I reapplied that the socket options supported in this version of the library are too minimal, no SOL_SOCKET or SO_REUSEADDR, for example. I gave up on telnet temporarily.

Next, I tried to use some UDP packets that are essential to my project. Here again, the lack of setsockopt() option defines keeps me from sending and receiving UDP datagrams.

I tried to dig deeper into the documentation, and ran into several dead references which might solve my problems, but I’m not sure. See here and here, for example.

Out of curiosity, I visited the CircuitPython repo for this module. Here I can see full examples of W5100S networking, including DHCP, UDP, TCP, and others. I really don’t want to move my whole project from MicroPython to CircuitPython.

(Q) Is there any update plans to bring MicroPython network support to the same level of capability as CircuitPython?

-Chris Lott, The Stumbler
Sacheon, South Korea