Hercules serial echo mode


I am using Wiz107SR and using Hercules to monitor the traffic. In Hercules serial mode, how can I put the device into echo mode? I am successfully sending data to the device and monitor in hercules but I would like to receive back the data like echo.

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Hi, elephant.
WIZnet ‘Serial to Ethernet modules’ (like WIZ107SR) are not support Echoback.
If you want to check the data transmission successfully, Hercules program setting to a TCP client and data exchange through serial terminal to TCP client…

To be set as follows.

H/W :
PC |===== Serial and LAN(Ethernet) =====| WIZ107SR

Data exchange path :
TCP Client (Hercules program, PC) - WIZ107SR - Serial terminal (PC)


I implemented a python script to communicate the unit. In hercules serial interface, I can see the data Which I am sending from python. I would like to reply through serial side to my python script that I can test my python script. In this way, I can only test when I am writing to the unit but not be able to test when I am reading back from the unit. If I do it manually, it is too late. is there any way I can do this in another way?