W5500 production testing document

I’m looking for w5500 production testing software / guidelines or methods. If you have one, could you please provide me. Thanks,

Dear Sir,

WIZnet doesn’t have W5500 production testing software/guidelines or methods.
Test house has it.
WIZnet just receive good dies from Test House.

I am wondering why you need the production testing software.



Hi! jonieHan,

Could you explain more detail what production testing software means?

If you need some Application code examples such as loopback, please refer to this wiki page.


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Hi Kevin,
We have W5500 designed in our product but we don’t have a way to verify its performance. We would like to know what to test to very its performance. One way that I could think of is to do throughput test. If you have a tool or a method to do it, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

Hi, JonieHan.

I think loopback test is the best.
Network performance test is so difficult, because there are so many variables not only w5500 but also network(ISP) traffic or etc.


If we do chip to chip udp loop back test, approximately what kind of throughput should we expect. It can be either payload or all bytes. Thanks,