W5100S net info set issue

At the time of connecting cable if ACT LED blinks, at this stage W5100S couldn’t able to set the IP address provided with set net info method, even DHCP doesn’t work (DHCP socket not communicating). After random number (It can be one or 3) of time reset W5100S, it start able to set network information while ACT LED steady ON (not blinking) and working fine.

All the registers read and write working properly. Verified the network information like IP, GW, SUBNET, MAC using read all the network registers. But that IP could not get live and even not responding to PING from the other device in same network (Created network using router tenda N301, one is PC and second is custom board with W5100S).

Real problem is that to identified this issue that IP is able to responding or not, internally from w5100s. Because after setting network registers it must be communicate over that IP but its not working while ACT LED blinking at the time of connecting cable.

Anyone please share your experience that can help.


Sounds like you may be performing chip configuration incorrectly. As soon as it eventually starts working properly assume hardware is wired properly. The problem may be related to auto-MDIX and auto-negotiation bit setting. Or relating to other PHY setting, please check. If possible try another router as a test to see if there’s any difference.