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W5500 PHY register "frozen"


I have a board which is being migrated from W5300 to W5500. I started with first testing SPI access (SCK, MISO, MOSI shared with other peripherials, own /CS line available). WIth a hardware reset (1ms /RST assered, 20ms delay after deassertation), a software reset by MR and setting up GAW, NETM, SIP, and SHAR i can ping the W5500.
As I get correct MAC address back, I assume my SPI connection being operational (check by logic analyzer also, SCK frequency is 4MHz).

Nevertheless, reading the PHYFGR always returns 0xba as status - which is only partially true: OPMD is zero, PMODE pins are pulled high on the board. Link is reported "down, speed correctly as 100M, and duplex as half. Moreover, the SPD led is always on on the board, with or without network attached. With attaching network cable, LNK and DPLX leds go active, and ACT is blinking periodically as expected.

What is being wrong here? I get this broken link status from PHYCFGR even if I can ping the board (so I would assume LNK being asserted in PHYCFGR).

Just hope that the W5500 has finally a working link status, compared to W5300, where one had to “read” the link LED status by CPU GPIO pin, as there was no PHY status register at all, so there was no easy way of getting information on network status).

Any help is appreciated.


Dear Michael,

=> It is normal operation.
SPD is indicated the Liked connection and not blink.
LINK and DUP LED are blink with network attached.


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