(WIZ110SR)Cannot connect from serial to Ethernet


Please tell me how to communicate from serial to Ethernet.

I purchased WIZ110SR recently.
I want to connect telnet BBS from serial device(old PC based on DOS).

When I input characters Etehernet device(Windows PC),
I can see the characters on the DOS PC.

But I input characters serial divice(DOS PC),
I cannot see the characters on the Windows PC.

Also, I cannot enter serial configration mode when input ‘+++’.

My serial cable is below.

Config tool is below.


Please let me know about flow control setting of serial interface.
If both of PC and WIZ110sr settings are different, problem can occur as yours.

Dear ywkwon,thank you for reply.
WIZ110sr serial setting is below.(I send ‘hello’ to WIZ110sr via LAN.)

PC serial setting is below.(I can see ‘hello’, but I cannot communicate from serial.)

I do not understand that I cannot communicate from serial.

I tryed various 232C Cables.Finally,I sucseeded to connect from 232C.
Cable is below.

Thank you.


by jp3tlc