W5500 Ethernet module


I’m using a W5500 module with 27Mhz of STM32 SPI clock and I’m sending 1800 bytes every 8ms for 20 seconds. I have created a private network, the module is connected to the laptop and in the module’s physical configuration I have set 100Mbps speed. After 20 seconds, should have received 2500 packets but some packets are missing and I have checked the speed with Wireshark which is around 200KBPS to 230KBPS. And when I checked with 1460 bytes, the speed comes down to 30KBPS.
So why I’m not getting actual speed?


Hello, is the communication protocol TCP or UDP? Given that there’s talk about 1460 bytes in Wireshark, it seems like it might be TCP. Did you use the IoLibrary? Did you register and use functions like spi read and write burst?
How did you configure the SPI settings in the STM? Did you use DMA?
When you checked the Wireshark packets, were 1800 bytes transmitted every 8ms, excluding any missing ones?
Was the 8ms timing checked and transmitted using a timer counter?
There is not enough information provided. There are many variables in the program, so please confirm.