WIZ750SR 232 to FTDI FT232 issue

Hi all,

I use FT232RL to connect to WIZ750SR, but when I connect TRIG pin to GND and reset the device, I can see the mode become ATMODE,
but I just only receive garbled, send/receive data seems no work,
have anyone know why?
maybe i need to do something?

has anyone encountered an issue like this?

receive garbled when restart


The first thing that you check the baud of Serial terminal.
The baud rate of Serial terminal will set 115200 , is it right?

Second check point.
If you buy the WIZ750SR-TTL , your product doesn’t have any RS-232C & RS-422/485 Transceivers on it. If you look at the back of the product, you can see it.