No ping or connection after successful W5100 connection

The W5100 is powered up and the chip is initialized and the TCP/IP socket is in listening mode. Then a successful connection is done. It’s also possible to disconnect and reconnect again successfully.

Then W5100 is powered down and the same start-up sequence is repeated. It’s no longer possible to get e response from pinging and it’s not possible to connect. No power cycling will fix this. The client is running on a Windows 10 PC. If the Ethernet connection is moved to another Windows 10 PC, it’s still not possible to ping or connect. The error message while pinging is “Destination host unreachable”.

By waiting a couple of hours, a new power-up is done, and again it’s possible to reconnect to W5100 in listening mode.

How is it possible that W5100 is affected by how long it’s powered-down? Or what other things can be wrong?

I have now changed to an UDP socket instead.

The same problem occurs: UDP communication works and when I power-cycle the W5100 chip, the connection to the UDP socket is lost. Pinging is not working either.