W5500, send() fragments packets

I try to send a messge to server:

result32 = send( sock, txBuff, 10 ); // request_1

But server report:
recv() 4 bytes: requ
recv() 4 bytes: est_
recv() 2 bytes: 1 //+\n

I don’t understand this situation. Why W5500 devide one message by three? How to make the W5500 dosn’t split one parcel by three?

I’m sorry I’m late reply.
Could you tell me if you used any of the libraries we provide?

Hi! I use ioLibrary.

I looked at the capture file you sent me one more time, and I could see that W5500 (ip sent 10 bytes.
You should check whether the server received data by dividing it.
Again, the W5500 sent 10 bytes in one packet.

Yyyyyes! Thank you very mach, Irina! I have found a mistake in my programm. The mistake was fixed and the programm work corectly.

I’m glad that your program is working normally.
If you have any questions next time, please leave a message.
Have a good day. :slight_smile: