DHCP - can't get address from TPlink AC1200


The problem is insane, however it is real. SDK proprietary implementation but it may applies to AT firmware as well.

  1. My DHCP server is router TPlink AC1200. There are many devices, mobile phones, and a few LAN devices using the same LwIP stack and almost the same DHCP implementation (I did the code for them). All works fine!

  2. Function sending DHCP request: dhcp_select in dhcp.c
    If there is an option 54 (DHCP_OPTION_SERVER_ID) set-up in the request, the DHCP server is very reluctant in assigning IP address, sometimes 5 up to 20 minutes is needed to get approval for the request. Requests are constantly sent.

  3. If the option 54 is removed from the request - the stack gets IP address just after the first request!!!

Option 54 is somehow the must! Why the hell, LAN devices work normal with almost the same code?

So, I end up in code where, just in case, in every second request option 54 is excluded.

Insane. I prepare devices which suppose to work in different home locations, never know what kind of routers will be there.

Any thoughts comments are appreciated. Maybe it is a bug in router, but I’m sure any other devices use this option and it works for them!

Hello @Piotr_Murawski,

Do you mean that the problem you inquired about occurs in the official WizFi360 F/W?

I don’t understand…

Could you tell me which F/W is happening?