Wiz750SR: synchronize with NTP server.

Hi to all,

I’m using a Wiz750SR and I have to send a request to a NTP server (I know his address IP) and then read the response. (Interpreting the data packet in response is not a problem)

Is it possible to do it with Wiz750SR?

Thanks to all who can help me.


I found this topic about the same problem:

but it was for WIZ550.

I have to do the same thing but with Wiz750SR.

Is it possibile?
Any suggestions?

Pls, it’s very important for me.
Thanks in advance to all

Hi @SerZTF,

You can use Socket communication to receive data from an NTP server. It is the same as the method of WIZ550S2E.

After setting the device using the Configuration tool, you can receive a response from the NTP server by sending data in a specific format via serial.
Set the NTP server as the hostname. below is the reference snapshot.

You can send and receive information with WIZ750SR standard F/W, but if you need a function to apply the received information (like syncronize), you need to modify the firmware.

The firmware is open source and runs in the Keil V5 environment.

thank you very much.
Your suggestion was really valuable.

I’ll take a look to the firmware.

Thanks again.

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