WIZ750SR in Eclipse or any other open IDE


I try to make a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP gateway out of a WIZ750SR-RS485.

For that I downloaded the Source Code from Github (GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ750SR: WIZnet Serial to Ethernet(S2E) module based on W7500 chip, WIZ107/108SR S2E compatible device).

Unfortunately the project is to big to use the free Keil version, so I have tried to port the code to Eclipse. I spent a lot of hours until now, but I can’t get the code running. It compiles fine after a lot of fiddling around. The binary is much bigger (~100k) than the original and the controller won’t run with it. I’m now at the point where I don’t know what I should try next. Could someone have a look at the Elcipse project or have a working one for me, please? Or for any other free to use IDE? To modify the original code to my Modebus needs should then be easy for me.

Thanks a lot,

WIZ750SR.zip (529,8 KB)

First, we only support and update keil projects.
But we provide default project of eclipse as below picture.

This project does not contain the latest version of keil code.

Thank you very much. It seems that is what I was looking for (have not found it on Git befor).
Will post the progress on my gateway.