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Wiznet 107sr connected message

I am using Wiznet 107sr serial2Lan module. I noticed “CONNECTED” message on serial side (if module is configured
as TCP server), when client connects. However there is not DISCONNECT (or so) message when client gets
disconnected. I wonder if there is some way of configuring module to give message of that kind ?
Also is there some configuration option that suppress “CONNECTED” message ?


“CONNECTED” message is log for debugging. If you dont want to use any more, You can suppress it.
with DisableDebug in Configuration tool & Serial command “DG 0”.

CF> Debugging Messages are
“LGSEGCP:ERROR:HHHH” <-- HHHH are error code(hexadecimal)

Thank you.

Thank you for swift reply. Didn’t know for that debug behavior. I will try.
Still no “DISCONNECTED” message, which sounds unusual to me, since there
exists “CONNECTED” message.


As I know, There is no “DISCONNECT” message in WIZ107SR.
WIZ107SR need to be still connected for serial-2-ethernet main function.
If the tcp connection was disconnected by unknown error or timeout error, WIZ107SR always tries to connect to the peer. When this case and DEBUG mode is enabled, WIZ107SR outputs the log “STARTED” to serial.
That is, When you did observe the message, WIZ107SR was disconnected and re-connected.

Thank you.

But what happened if 107SR is in server mode. Serial channel will report client connection, and not report
disconnection (if client side decides to do so). Of course, this could be solved on application level protocol -ie
client informs server (107SR) that it intend to disconnect.


I’m sorry that I don’t understand what you said exactly.

I did think why the disconnect message don’t ouput as log? am I right?

I explained already it. To understand , explains it more.
WIZ107/108SR have th roll of gateway (serail-2-ethernet & ethernet-2-gateway).
So, WIZ107/108SR should be always the connection state for the gateway function.
If the connection is disconnected, WIZ107/8SR tries to connect to the server or listen to the client, immediately.
If the connection will be disconected in server mode, You will show the “STARTED” message.
If the connection will be disconnect in client mode, You will show the “STARTED” message too.
If the connecton is accepted in server mode, You will show the “CONNECTED” message.
If the connecton is connected in client mode, You will show the “CONNECTED” message too.

It is not necessary that WIZ107/8SR report in disconnected state. As the alove explaination, When disconnected, WIZ107/8SR do immediately try to listen & connect to the peer with “STARTED” message.

Thank you.

Hi, i am working with WIZ107SR serial to Ethernet module; the module has been configured as TCP/IP client and settings for serial port has been configured with 9600 baud rate. The problem is the data from serial to Ethernet is being transmitted with the following settings (serial data to Ethernet packet formation)

  • the data size is “0” that the every single byte arrival on serial will be sent to other side.

but i need the data to come as ethernet packet not like a serial data on other side.

Could any one help, how do i send the entire data should arrival on TCP/IP server side.

If you use “Time” option, you may be able to send serial data to ethernet part as one packet.
The value in “Time” option field depends on your status, but 100(ms) works well in most cases.

Thank you.

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