Wiz850io with only magnetics and small plug?

Will there ever be a Wiz850io version that only has the magnetics on it and a small connector (like a Molex Pico-Blade) instead of the RJ-45 jack with integrated magnetics? I know many people will want to just plug in an Ethernet UTP Cable with an RJ-45 plug, but for many of us developing other apps, (particularly small form-factor projects) there is little point in having the wonderfully compact Wiz850io board when there is only the option of this needlessly HUGE connector stuck on top. We really only need a surface mount magnetics IC and a very small 4-pin connector with the TX and RX pairs exposed. This would be a great addition to the line. Anyway LOVE your products! Thanks.

How about W6100-io?
it is not include RJ45.
W6100-io Link: W6100-io | WIZnet Document System