WizFi360 Standby mode


I am inquiring about the WizFi360 standby mode. Should the sleep configuration be set to 0 in order to put it into standby mode before using GSLP, or is there a different method to putting the module into and out of standby? The documentation is a little unclear about this and mentions the standby mode and the three sleep modes are off, light, and modem. However there is nothing that states how to use standby mode, only the three sleep modes. Any help or better understanding would be great.


Hello @kayrock973,

‘AT+GSLP’ and ‘AT+SLEEP’ are AT commands that enter different sleep modes.

If you want to enter standby mode(deep sleep mode), use ‘AT+GSLP’.

If you want to enter light-sleep mode and modem sleep mode, use ‘AT+SLEEP’.

If you want to get out of standby mode, wait for the time set when ‘AT+GSLP’ AT command is input, or you can get out of standby mode by setting WP pin(available only in standby mode).

When WP pin is set to high, the module wakes up and resets.

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Hi, sorry to get back to you again with more questions so late.

Therefore, AT+SLEEP does not just configure the sleep mode, but also enters the corresponding mode for unlimited time? In this case wake-up is performed with command AT+SLEEP=0, is it correct ?

Is a good practice to put the module into deep sleep for considerable time (more than 65536 ms) by holding its Reset pin at logic 0 level, and what would be its power consumption while in Reset? Is it posible to put it into standby for more than 65536 ms?

Does the module maintains previously established connection with AP in STA mode in case being put into Modem Sleep or Light Sleep?

I truly apreaciate your help with this, thank you!

Hi @kayrock973,

If you enter sleep mode with ‘AT+SLEEP’, you will enter unlimitedly.

However, since Light-sleep mode or Modem-sleep mode entered with ‘AT+SLEEP’ frequently wakes up to maintain Wi-Fi connection, there is no significant difference in power consumption depending on whether it is used or not.

Therefore, Light-sleep mode or Modem-sleep mode maintains Wi-Fi connection.

Sleep mode entered with ‘AT+SLEEP’ setting can be disabled by setting ‘AT+SLEEP=0’.

For the power consumption for sleep mode(Standby Mode, Light-sleep mode, Modem-sleep), refer to ‘Table 4. Description on Power Consumption’ of the WizFi360 datasheet.