Password in WizFi360

Using eg. WizFi360 in devices everyone (even hobbyist) can peek a communication between microcontroller and WizFi360 on tracks (I am using SPI interface, but this problem is also for the UART). Is this possible to use some password for the communication and prevent understanding of data?
For example, I can set password during production in WizFi360. Nobody can read this password from WizFi360. I am using this password in a microcontroller. So, nobody can understand the encrypted communication. Such solution is very important for MQTT (to protect data in AT+MQTTSET, AT+MQTTTOPIC etc.) or SSL communication.

Hello @lentec

TCP and MQTT supports SSL/TLS.

Please refer to ‘AT+CIPSTART’ / ‘AT+MQTTCON’ in the document below.