ethernet IP

I want to use a w5500 in front of an rp2040 for an ethernet ip communication.

My developer has commented - will this work?

  1. We need to receive a 64K TCP message. We don’t have to buffer it, but it must be received. With the chip not supporting IP fragmentation, this could present an issue. I don’t know how a non-fragmented TCP/IP stack would handle this since I have never used one.
  2. We need to know the Ethernet link speed and link duplex. This may be supported, I just haven’t looked.
  3. We need to send layer 2 Ethernet frames for LLDP. This is a newer requirement. This is often called “raw Ethernet”. It is generally different from “raw sockets” that are on the IP layer.
  4. We need to know how a UDP frame was received to the stack. This could be to your IP, or via a broadcast IP. This information tells the stack if there is a need to perform a random delay before sending the UDP response.

What do you mean?

I think before judging what is possible or not possible you’d better explain the requirements - what you need to achieve. If you need someone to participate in requirements design document, then you must hire consultant in computer networking.