W5500 Client is not connect

First of all, hello,
I am working on W5500. I use it comfortably as a server. But when I use it as a Client, I have a problem on the ‘connect’ side. I think there is a problem with the Mac address.
I am sharing Wireshark listening as a screenshot.
W5500 ;
The IP address you want to connect to is
my connect code;

if((Baglan!=SOCK_OK) ){

You seem to use for server IP address. And check if connect is blocking and you should not do anything else after it returns (e.g. wait for status register transitions, and not just check for establish state once). I am also not sure where do you close the socket before you reopen it.

Thanks for answer.
Yes, i noticed too.
During my work, when I set the IP address of the w5500 chip to, the connection was made. But when I change the IP address, I cannot connect.
You said my connection might be blocked. How can I check this?

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I meant connect call is blocking until there’s a socket state changes to closed or connected. I did not look into its code (and do not remember it by heart).

The whole problem is not clear. You can get ARP storm only if you constantly trying to start connection process (which starts with ARP if it was not cached before - and not sure if W5500 caches it), or remote node does not reply for ARP and of course there will be no connection.

Thanks Eugeny.
You helped me a lot in this project.
Thank you very much for your contribution.
When I sent it continuously, the problem was solved.