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Lost bytes with Wiz 107SR

Good morning,

We have been doing development on our product using the wiz107sr. We have tried every firmware and many different baud rates and serial packing conditions and we still notice that serial data is overrunning the ethernet in some cases. resulting in data loss. We use a 160 byte packet with a crc and maybe 1% of the packets come through with data missing. The next packet will overwrite the end of the previous one and invalidate it.

Our current best setting is a timer of 50ms and size and character of 0.

I have attached a simple serial writer and TCP listener to test the results of the settings and it can reproduce the data loss.

Is some amount of data loss expected or are there things we can do to avoid this?

Also when we unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in, sometimes the module will go into a state where it prompts for a mac address to be entered. Until this is done, the module will not respond and is not visible to Config Tool. Rebooting of the module does not fix it. How can we avoid a scenario like this in the field?

Is this module suited for reliable data transfer or should we be using a different model?

Thank you
ConsoleWiznetTests.zip (119 KB)

I’ve answered in your latest post.

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