W7100A-S2E Configtool: Searching with UDP brodcast

I have a problem when I try to search the W7100A-S2E devices connected to my net.
If it is the first time that I connect an W7100A-S2E device to a net and I press “search” using UDP broadcast I haven’t any answer. The day after all runs ok.
What is the reason?

Hi gbit.
Did you turn Windows or Anti-virus Firewall on?

First, I guess the firewall caused problem like you. If yes, please turn Firewall off and try re-Search using configuration tool.

Second, If you use the Virtual machine on Windows (e.g., VirtualBox), Please disabled network adapter for Virtual machines (e.g., VirtualBox Host-Only Network, and Etc.) or adjusted metric priorities for network adapters. There is a possibility that the problem occurs because of Metric priorities.

Please refer to below for more details.