[From QnA]WIZ811MJ module with Arduino

Hello sirs,

I’m interested to use your module WIZ811MJ in my projects, I actually used the Arduino Ethernet shield equipped with the WIZ5100 and the results of my tests was perfect.

Now I want to purchase directly your module but my question is: Should I’ve to do some software work on WIZ811MJ module to program the WIZ5100 chip and let it communicate with Arduino Mega, or your module is dispatched with firmware installed fully compatible with the solution implemented with the Arduino Ethernet shield R3?

I ask this because is easy for me to use the libraries developed by Arduino team to let my microcontrollers work with your module.

I hope my question is clear!



Dear customer,

Thanks for your interest in wiznet.

There is a W5100chip in Arduino Ethernet Shield R3.

Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 is compatible with Arduino MEGA.

Arduino Ethernet Shield R3 schematic is as below.

arduino.cc/en/uploads/Main/ardui … ematic.pdf

Why is you using the wiz811mj?



Thanks for your fast reply!

I’m not using your wiz811mj module, but I found it more compact to use on my boards.

So if it’s work exactly as the Arduino Ethernet shield, I can use it instead of the Arduino shield!