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W5500 as TCP server

I want to establish TCP connection. I am using W5500 as TCP server. And I am using hyperterinal as my TCP client.
But when my socket goes in LISTEN mode, it does not get any reply and even from the hyper terminal it is not able to connect. Means either the hyperterminal is not sending sync packet or my W5500 is not accepting it.
In hyperterminal it is showing UNABLE TO CONNECT.

Can you please give any solution for this ?

Hello, dhara5

Thank you for your interests with W5500.

If you run W5500 as tcp server, I recommend you to send ping from pc to w5500.

If there is relay, w5500 is running well as a server.

But if not… could you check ip network between w5500 and pc ?

thank you


Thank You. It is working now.

Glad to hear that.

If you have any question, feel free to ask!

Thank you

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