[TCP Send Error] explanation?


one of our socket is used to send some PUSH TCP request to a server.
configured as “0/TCN/”
most of time, all work great !
but some time to time we receive [TCP Send Error] !

receive right [0,818]
then sometime [TCP Send Error]

what does it mean exactly ? the wiki give not too much information about this answer !


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I’m so sorry for late reply.
If [TCP Send Error] message occurs, it is expected that it occurs because ACK is not received due to timeout in receiving ACK after TCP send.
“TCP send error timeout” is set to 5seconds by defualt.
The following is AT Command “AT+FSOCK” related to this case.
Check it and make sure that “AT + FSOCK = 1,0” works well.
For your information, “AT+FSOCK=1,0” is function that wait until you receive ACK.

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so what do i need to do when i receive this message ?
just restart the whole process to send again the same documents/data ?
does it closed or modify anything in the TCP socket server ?

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That command is just change the socket setting, so please reopen socket.

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