PlatformIO: WIZnet W7500 dev/platform v2.0 is out!


PlatformIO team is pleased to announce the release of WIZnet W7500 development platform v2.0. This release introduces many new features and performance improvements. The notable changes are as follows:

  • Add support for CMSIS-DAP, J-Link tools for debugging and programming
  • Allow declaring of a custom programming tool
  • Allow overriding of PROGNAME (custom firmware name)
  • Update ARM mbed framework to 5.7.3

We would be thankful for any feedback!

We recommend PlatformIO IDE for VSCode for better experience


@ikravets thanks and I am setting up my project to do some development the w7500p.

I am working with a generic development kit with a USB-UART chip (CH340C).

Do you or has someone here at the forum know of development documentation specific for PlatformIO x w7500p?

I’ve been doing my searches online and it tends to be one small piece here, one small piece there, and things in between that are missing.