Can the w5100 send an Gratuitous_ARP?

To the point.
Does anyone have any working code example the would cause the w5100 to send an Gratuitous ARP?
I am new to this product and as of yet, I have not found a solution. Any help would be appreciated.

Dear Ddixon

I’m sorry. we don’t have Gratuitous ARP example code.
Because ARP operates inside W5100.


Yes. I understand the ARP is within the w5100 to handle ARP request. Is the a way to send an ARP response without a request? (e.i. Gratuitous ARP)

I do thank you for the reply.
We, at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences, have been wanting this feature for a while. At this point, we are willing to pay for this solution. This would solve a host of issues. That said, would you have an idea on how to force an Gratuitous ARP or point me in the direction of someone who may know the answer?
This is a high priority for our company.

Dear Ddixon
I’m sorry. w5100 don’t have GARP function.
but if you want to GARP function, you can be built it using IPRAW.
please refer to below link. it is ping example in IPRAW environment(W5500).
And then I have a question. what do you want to how to use GARP inside?


Do you want to advertise the W5100 to a router or gateway in a network that the W5100 belongs to? In other words, if you want the router or gateway to create an ARP table, the following is a simple solution.

The way is open a UDP socket and send a dummy packet to a specific IP.

We are using this method in some modules.(the specific IP used the gateway)

Agreed, this may be the best solution at this time. Thank you.