Cant make my w5500 board working.

I was trying almost everything. I do not have link or activity LEDs active (the connection is OK when I use my oher modules)

Here is the schematics. Maybe I am missing something obvious :slight_smile:

The communication with the chip is OK , I detect and receive the correct answers.

I appreciate any help.


Did you use RB1-125BAG1A?

Please check the data sheet of RB1-125BAG1A again.

RD1-125BAG1A(XA).pdf (185.3 KB)

There seems to be no other circuit problems.

Did you design the PCB with the PCB Design Guide?

Thank you


Thank you very much for your answer.

Yes i did. I did design another version as well using the HR911105

A bit more simple. And I think this time I did not make any mistakes.