Wiznet W5100 with STNRG388A

I’m trying to integrate W5100 with STNRG388A (stm8s core) using SC18IS602B bridge module as STNRG388A has no SPI interface.
So far i have tested the W5100 (Arduino Ethernet Shield) with Arduino Uno, it’s working fine and getting the IP address. Secondly i have tested the SC18IS602B functioning correctly by sending/receiving data to Arduino(SPI Slave). Now I’m trying to integrate the ioLibrary of Wiznet for W5100.
I’m unable to get the W5100 getting IP or creating any TCP socket.
I want to check, if W5100 is receiving my SPI commands properly or not, how can i get the minimal response by sending commands on SPI using SC18IS602B?
Any help in this regard would be appreciated.
Thanks in Advance.

I recommend reading and writing RCR and RTR registers. The initial values of the registers are 0x07d0 and 0x08 respectively, and are registers that can be written.
image image

Thanks for the response.
I have been doing some random tests with Arduino and STNRG interfacing Ethernet Shield.
Below are some of my observation, if anyone can get me some hint.

  • Arduino Uno & Ethernet Shield are communicating over SPI at 8Mbps.
  • SC18IS602B can go maximum 1.8Mbps, can it create problem?
  • Datasheet states that W5100 operates in “Unit of 32-bit stream”
  • When i send data using SC18IS602B, there is 10uSec delay b/w each byte sent on SPI lines, can it create the problem?
  • After running the below code, i get all zeros (0x00) in each field.

reg_wizchip_spi_cbfunc( wiznet_receive_data, wiznet_send_data );
wizchip_init(bufSize, bufSize);

Waiting for some positive response.

This figure is SIPR3 register read operation, is it right?
Yon must be set up yourself the Source IP address .
Wiznet Chips don’ t save the network information.
Network information mean subnet mask, ip address, gateway …
also, If CSn is keep low state, the delay doesn’t matter.

Thanks for the reply, i have changed the SPI instructions sequence. Now the four bytes are going at once with CS low for four bytes of time.
Actually the problem was SC18IS602B’s MOSI pin, it was not driving the Wiznet MOSI pin due to low current capability. Now i have added 1K Pull-up resistor on MOSI line and i can see the response from Wiznet 5100 and got the IP using DHCP.
Thanks for the responses.

I’m glad you solved it well. I’ll definitely remember about Pull-up.