W5500 client-How to handle receiving large file

Hello all:
I am sending and receiving short strings to/from my server without any problem.
I would like to be able to get large HEX file (updated firmware) , about 64K bytes, and looking for the best way to do it. I have to get the text data, convert it to binary and save it into memory while server sends the file.
Do I have to manage the sever transmit activity by some “flow control” mechanism?
Can I use interrupt to make receive more efficient?
How W5500 manage the RX buffer and the RX pointers when data exceeds buffer size?
Please advise…

Well, I made it…
I can get the file ok, very easy, I must say… Lot easier than I thought…
Thanks for participating and support…
Dan …

Hi Dan,

Could you share the solution? Thank you.

Hi, that was long ago. Please remind me the subject and what you want to achieve…

Do you mean reading file text from server?
If so I have to return to the code and share the relevant part.

Do you have any experience with the WZ5500? do u work with it some how?

Well, I read your post about your problem. My code is to get a HEX file from my server which is used to update firmware of the host controller. This is about 50k bytes in size. I don’t yet understand your post stucture and the problems that you are facing with it…

Hi Dan,

Thank you for replying.

I wanted to receive a large file send to the W5500 by the mean of a HTTP POST request.

Did you modify the WIZnet’s httpServer library or did you write your own code from scratch to achieve your tasks?

Hi, i have not changed any thing in libraries. My server knew to get a request to send a file which was uploaded to it in advance. The code send to sever a request message (my own protocol) and get into receiving loop in which it get file (about 50K bytes) in several reading interactions to a local memory.
I can organize the relevant code and send it to you but it will take one or two days…
Is that ok?

Hi, Attaching ZIP with few files for your inspection. The C file has the main proc RxUpdateFile which do the job. Try to understand the mechanism and if you still have questions ask me.
I added my own receiving proc to socket.c file.
Good luck

WZ5500_LAN_FileReceiv.ZIP (33.8 KB)

Thanks Dan. I really appreciate it.