does the W5500 expect 32bit chunks from the MOSI line?

or can I break it up into smaller 1 byte words?

Datasheet explains SPI communication relatively well, and you must follow that protocol. If I got your question, then answer is yes, sequence must be at least 32 bits.

based on the number of inquiries on this forum regarding SPI implementation, it definitely does not explain it well enough. Furthermore, you told me to go read a datasheet for 5100 when I have the 5500 chip. why would any rational customer ever think to read a datasheet on a device they are not implementing?

I recommend you take an introspective look at your datasheets and conclude that they are, in fact, not good enough.

Finally, I’ve read many of your responses to people–you are not helpful. you just tell people that they haven’t read anything enough which isn’t necessarily true. the datasheets are inadequate. period.

i recommend to your superiors that they question whether your continued employment is worthwhile.

I was trying to be as polite and helpful as possible answering your questions. Given questions you ask, you must learn basics first, and only then go reading W5x00 datasheets. The first matter for you to study is general SPI communication. It assumes at least command and, if necessary, aux information like address and data. After reading Wikipedia on it, you’d be able to answer your original question about 8 bits yourself.

Alternatively, you may consider hiring experienced developer to perform the task you need instead of learning all the hardcore about protocols and W5x00 chips.

People mostly ask why it does not work for them. Most of the times it is a mistake in design, or misunderstanding of the protocol. This is normal not to understand things, that’s why this forum exists. Though other forum members expect original question poster - you - to have some basic knowledge on the things you are trying to achieve and you doing some research before asking the question.

Trust me, if you want to program W5500 it will be extremely beneficial to have a good overview of the W5100 because it is one of the chips on the family, and has some information not (directly) available in the W5500 datasheet. Especially chapter 5 on implementation and programming.

Of course they can be better. My point of view they are good enough for successful implementation. If you are not satisfied, make a proposal here in the forum, and WIZteam will consider it.

I asked my boss - myself - and he said I am doing a good job :rofl: and he is going to employ me for another 40 years.