STM32F722ZE + W5300 http example code not working


As part of the TOE Design Contest, I’m trying to build my project using W5300 and STM32F722ZE board. The first thing was verifying whether the board was working on the existing project. However, I’m unable to bring it up. I’m using the HTTP server example code: W5300-TOE-C/Examples/http/server at main · Wiznet/W5300-TOE-C · GitHub.

I noticed that the configuration I set in the code and the configuration set by the MCU are unequal. Not sure there is this disparity. To be specific, the subnet mask that I set is However, the subnet mask set on the device shows to be: . Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Here is the snapshot:



Please help!

The bit 5 is reset. Look at the MAC address octet before the last one - you set it as 0x34, but info shows 0x14. Byte in position 0 (00:08, DC:12, 14:56, DF:FF, DF:00) is affected. I am sure if you try to set MAC address to 34:34:34:34:34:34 you will get 14:34:14:34:14:34. Where’s the issue exactly - good question… maybe in communication with microcontroller? Or one data wire in the set is broken?