Connecting to Azure with WizFi360

Dear Wiznet team

We are evaluating your WizFi360 WiFi module to use in a future project. The goal is to connect to Azure Cloud. We intend to use the Microsoft SDK “azure-iot-sdk-c”, for the provisioning and data exchange. During the tests I came a cross some questions that I hope you can answer:

  1. In the command AZSET what is the parameter key? Where can I find it in Azure?
  2. Does AZCON command uses a SSL connection? How can I setup the certificate? Using CLICASEND command?
  3. Which are the command dependencies for the AZCON? Which commands is mandatory to issue before a use AZCON (apart from AZSET, MQTTTOPIC)?
  4. Can you point me to the most appropriate example for my situation?

Thanks in advance for your support

Hello @FMStereo

Use SSL when connecting to Azure.

For Azure-related AT commands, please refer to the documents and links below.

Hi @austin

First, many thanks for your prompt reply.

I read very carefully the suggested documentation, but my case is a little bit different. I use Azure DPS (Device Provisioning System).
In this case each device receives a certificate and with that certificate, the device can connect to the DPS to obtain the information that is needed to connect to the IOT HUB and exchange its data.
How can I use the certificate to connect to the DPS (is used for the SSL connection)?
Do you have an application note on how to use WIzFi360 with the Azure DPS? Or an example?

Thanks again for the support

Hi @FMStereo

WizFi360 does not support the function and AT commands to connect to Azure using DPS .

Therefore if you want to use DPS to connect to Azure, you need to implement an applicaion to use DPS when coding at the MCU level.

There is an example of implementing the application that connect to Azure using DPS, so please refer to it.