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I have Forth HTTP/FTP/TELNET server for W5100/5200/5500

I have been using these devices with the Parallax Propeller in conjunction with a fast Forth so that the WIZnet can be used in server applications for HTTP, FTP, and TELNET. In fact the TELNET talks directly to the Forth shell so you can even write new software over TELNET. Also the HTTP and FTP commands are actually Forth words so it’s very easy to add, debug and modify commands while it’s live.

Now the thing about this software is that it basically executes out of a single core of the 8-core Propeller chip so it uses minimal resources which means it could be adapted to many other CPUs too. In fact I have a Forth I wrote for the LPC2148 which I am pretty sure I could interface too as well. The Forth source also provides a guide as to how to do it the easy way. Total code space taken for Forth + dictionary + utilites + SDFS + network is less than 32K.

So this code also includes FAT32 SDFS etc and certainly is not a demo but a fully functioning server. Configuration can be changed via a serial terminal or Telnet at any time. The code is written using Google docs from which I copy and paste into a serial terminal for compilation on the target so these docs allow for images and diagrams etc.

The question is, is anyone interested in this?
Here are some of the links to the read-only webpage version of the documents.
Tachyon Forth - Propeller forums
One server is running at tachyonforth.com but if you Telnet you need to use port 10001.
BTW, I would have submitted an entry to the competition but I’ve had eye operations and just missed out.

Hi Peterjak.

Thanks a lot for interresting in WIZnet Chips.

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