W6100 Hybrid mode?

Hi all,
I’ve been looking into w6100 and noticed that there was no mention of hybrid mode. Does w6100 not support hybrid mode? Also if it does support hybrid mode, how do I configure it to do so.

It seems the functionality is still there, as you can see from the description of the MF bit. But the explicit reference to the “hybrid tcp/ip stack” was removed for some reason.

That is odd I don’t see it in the MF bit description for w6100, it only appears for the w5500, but w6100 does not have that description. Anyways I tried configuring for it using esp-idf and lwip, but for some odd reason when lwip initializes, reading of the other socket status comes back as 0x61 which does not make much sense, not sure what mistakes I made for the configuration.

The description and mode of operation is identical. When MAC filtering is on, you receive packets filtered by the MAC address to prevent flooding the buffer with packets designated to other nodes.