W6100 UDP performance worse than W5500


I’m using your breakouts with an ESP32 and ESP-IDF.

I’m trying to improve UDP performance on a project and swapped the W5500 breakout for a W6100 breakout I got from Mouser. According to your specs, the W6100 promises a 10Mbps higher throughput compared to the W5500.

However, after updating the project, I’m experiencing very poor performance compared to W5500 and frequent packet loss. I tried every SPI speed from 20Mhz to 60, all with exactly the same performance issues.

I’m using 2 sockets, each with 8kb allocated and both in UDP mode and noticed poor performance specifically with fast traffic from ArtNet clients, which was bad on the W5500 but is much much worse now.

I’d appreciate your help

Hi Barak,

Didi you get any answer about your questions?