W5300 Portregister


I use W5300 on WIZ200-Board.

I try to read the registers Sn_PORTR0 and Sn_PORTR1 in TCP-Mode. Both registers have everytime the same value. The value of Sn_PORTR1 is the right value. It seems to me, that the Adress of Sn_PORTR0 points to the adress of Sn_PORTR1-Register.
I don’t really know but i believe, the Problem ist the same in Client-Mode.

Has anyone else the same Problem? Is there any Solution?

Thanks for all help!

Sn_PORTR as specified on page 79 of the datasheet

  • in case of TCP server must be set with the number of the receiving port listening for the selected socket.
  • in case of TCP client needs to take the port number that you want to use to connect to the server for the selected socket.
    After setting the value can be read and must reflect what has been set.


What is your codes about access the Sn_PORTR.
I think address is wrong.