Running w5100 with stm32f10xx

can i run w5100 with stm32f10xx ?
please help me…
i want to use CMsis libraries…
thank you…

Unfortunately reading something on the Internet seems to have understood that the SPI library CMSIS is not the maximum. With the W5100 can still try also the direct mode then there should be no problems.
Clearly it would be better if the library deepen above works as SPI master to the limit by not using interrupts.
I did the porting libraries from Arduino to PIC 18/24/32 but from what you say I could not tell if you are already in possession of the knowledge of this MPU and this library.
Unfortunately if you want a source “good and ready” about it I can not help you much but if you want some tips for interfacing we can talk.

what should i do for running w5100 with stm32 and without cmsis libraries?
would you please explain that completely?
thank you

I imagine that there are different approaches to the ST ARM in developing and you just wondered if you’ve already had experience with libraries CMSIS so You’ve already tried the CMSIS library to drive other devices in SPI master mode?
Set the W5100 (eg, using the module WIZ811MJ in brackets his pinout) via SPI is relatively simple

  • put the /CS (J2/7) high so device can be used in SPI mode
  • MOSI (J1/1) to SDO MCU line
  • MISO (J1/2) to the SDI MCU line
  • SCLK (J2/3) to the SCLK line
  • SCS (J2/4) to an MCU pin that uses as SPI Chip select
  • RESET (J2/2) to an MCU pin that uses as device reset

On the site, in download area, there are 2 examples written in C ++ related to DHCP and DNS where there are all routines necessary to drive the W5100 ( memory init sequence, set sockets, read/write registers …) where just replace the call to the SPI library and I used these examples to drive the W5100 using PIC.
Some time ago I set myself the dilemma to which MPU use and I had discarded ST for reasons of budget so I can not really help in the firmware… have you tried to turn the question to the wiznet support for something ready ?


Did you mean “use CMSIS lib” is controlling SPI??
You can use CMSIS with w5100.

Hello Hjjeon0608,
kavireloot has trouble finding STM sources about W5100 and I just figure out if he has already tried to control devices using SPI but honestly I have not yet figured out the problem.

honestly i designed the board of w5100 and now i want to program it with ARM STM32F10xx, what should i do for that?
please help me…and please explain that completely
for example :
step1. set spi of mcu
step2. …

Hello kavireloot,
so you’ve designed the card from scratch for the part ETH and have not used a module that mounts the W5100.
You will be left on the specification of W5100 for the circuit copying part of an existing module hope.
On the WizNet site take a look at the wiring diagram of the module WIZ811MJ and check did not forget anything
Clearly you have connected at least MOSI (pin 28), MISO (pin 27), SCLK (pin 30) , SCS (pin 29) and RESET(pin 59).
To drive the W5100 with SPI you have to put at high signals CS (pin 55) and SEN (pin 31).
So the first thing you’ll want to find examples to drive as master generic devices with SPI of your MCU.