W5100, STM32F103VC and SPI1 problem

Hi All,

I have an issue using SPI1 on the STM with the W5100.

Before , i connected the W5100 to SPI2 and all worked fine.

Now ,i connect to SPI1 and there is a problem (I write 0x31 to address 0x009 and read 0x60)

[There is no other dvice on this SPI bus!!]

What can be the problem , i changed all the pins to SPI1 all look good in the scop

Please help with this issue.

Thanks a lot

Hi, etay014.

I think problem is MCU or code.
Because SPI2 works fine. It means W5100 receives and sends well.

Let me know your setting code and let’s discuss.

Best regards.


Thank for the replay , it was my mistek now its work fine !