WIZ108SR - MODBUS not working


I am using device, which is communicating over 485 with protocol MODBUS. I’ve wanted to replace my old gateway with this WIZ108SR, but it’s not working. On osciloscope I can see, that some data come from WIZ108SR if I try it with test program, but device is not responding. Probably he doesn’t recieve correct data, but I don’t know why.

My configuration:

Nobody know answer to that?

Hi, SaberCZ.
I’m sorry for late reply.

The WIZ108SR product offering only ‘Serial data transfer to Ethernet’ functions (and vice versa function).
Is the ‘old gateway’ has function for MODBUS protocol data format generator?


The old gateway is custom made. I guess that it has something like that.

So on this device is no possible way to get it working?

Thanks for your reply

Unfortunately, I guess you have to find a different solution like Modbus-TCP supported gateway device.
WIZnet doesn’t have the appropriate Modbus-TCP device solutions.