Wizwiki W7500 board and Keil uVision debug


I have a W7500 board and I had install the Keil uVision compiler enviroment.
I can compile the program and create the binary files bu I can’t connect the board to the compiler to download the program.
I’ve follow the “how_to_make_w7500_keil_project.pdf” application note and follow the procedure “http://wizwiki.net/wiki/doku.php?id=products:wizwiki_w7500:start_getting_started:debugging_w7500” but in the CMSIS-DAP debugger page, I don’t see the target board as in attach screen shot.

I try the procedure in Windows XP sp3 and Windows 7 64bit without any chance.

What I have to do to connect the board to the computer?


Hi, Giuseppe

I think the reason why keil can not notice the board is uninstalled serial driver.

If you did not install serial driver, please click below link and download “Download latest driver” on the site.

[url]| Mbed

If it is not help or you’ve already install it, please leave reply.

Thank you


You are right ! :laughing:

Thank you for your help.
Now all works well.

But were was write this step? :question:


HI, miaooaim

We have that step with this Link


I’m happy to listen it is working well

Thank you