Where to get software?

Hello all,

I contacted sales@wiznet.co.kr to obtain WIZ VSP driver for my WIZ110SR and nothing happened.
How long to wait for response?


Please let me know your email address.
I will forward your request to sales.


Could you help me please to obtain a copy of WIZ VSP driver, Thanks

Dear jvlo

I have a question.
What country is your positon?
WIZ VSP is managed by local office.
You can contact the nearest local office.


Hello Jim,
I have WIZVSP V202 installed but when starting the program requires Serial number that I never received via email when registering for license. I sent an email to sales@wiznet.io but I still do not have an answer.
Could you help me please?
Thank you!

Dear APP

Please see the link below.

And it may be helpful to translate the contents of the link below into English.


Dear Jim,
I already had registration on http://wizvsp.wiznet.io/, and downloaded last version.
I even uninstalled and reboot the PC as on the link says, but I still never had the serial number via email, not even automatic reply after accepting license nor from sales department.
This is initial message from which I cannot go further:

Thanks again!

Please contact to WIZnet by support@wiznet.io or gunn@wiznet.io email.


Hello @APP,
Did you resolve the problem?
A month ago our VSP mailing system had a problem. The problem has been fixed and it works now.
You can receive a serial key upon request again in http://wizvsp.wiznet.io/